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Roxas iPhone Wallpaper :icondizellden:Dizellden 7 0 Mmmm Ooccoo :icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0
Just Like Molly, Silent Film
Just Like Molly
A silent film
We see a set up of dolls and puppets on the floor of a child's room. A number of puppets and dolls sit in chairs facing a miniature stage. Among them is a blond haired Barbie doll and the puppet of a man dressed in gray. In center stage, the child positions a dark haired girl puppet. A red ribbon takes the shape of a small bow in her hair. In the back off to the side of the stage, the child sets a dark-skinned boy doll with dreadlocks. The girl puppet starts dancing around the stage in twirls, jumps, and jigs. As she curtsies her finish, the camera zooms in on the red ribbon.
As soon as the ribbon fills the screen, a hand sweeps it aside. The shot jumps back to reveal a girl absentmindedly fidgeting with a red ribbon tied into her dark hair. She is looking out a window with a slightly anxious look on her face. Outside the window, a front yard is seen with a small tree to the righ
:icondizellden:Dizellden 0 0
Commercial Parody
A parody vacation advertisement
Welcome to Mistache, Which is Pronounced “Mistake.”
Announcer: “Warm atmosphere.”
[A clip displays a couple of houses on fire. Several silhouetted figures run past.]
“Exciting social events.”
[A clip shows a group of people cowering. They huddle against the wall of a brick building turned gray from smoke and ash.]
“Nonstop action every day.”
[A clip of rioters throwing homemade grenades into an abandoned building.]
“And that’s just the beginning. Welcome to Mistache. A city named after the cloud of wealth and industry that we share with our neighboring towns.”
[A picture taken from above bares a smoky, discolored fog looming over a couple of cities]
“Visit our treasure filled beaches!”
[A picture shows the shore of a beach. Litter and pollution crowd the sand and water]
“Browse our exotic shops!”
[Pictures slide across the screen: a tattoo parlor and weapon
:icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0
Long Ago :icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0 Adaptation :icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0 Lavender Guise :icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0 The White Road :icondizellden:Dizellden 0 0 From the Ashes :icondizellden:Dizellden 0 0 The Cross :icondizellden:Dizellden 0 1 Teton Mountains :icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0 Discarded Angel :icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0 Stairway To Earth :icondizellden:Dizellden 3 1 Eye of Night :icondizellden:Dizellden 1 0 Dreaded Night :icondizellden:Dizellden 0 0 Ye Old Road :icondizellden:Dizellden 0 0

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Sinombre Vaissnikt
United States
Let me start by saying, I'm more of an art supporter than an actual artist.

I'm still kind of new to all this. I'm a slow and easily distracted artist. I experiment a lot and don't practice enough. I really want to start working on putting my imagination in a visual perspective. I will be working with drawings and photoshop. Maybe some photography if it's worth it.


Roxas iPhone Wallpaper
**I DO NOT OWN THIS** and I don't know who does. I've wanted it as wallpaper for a while but was never able to find the original (without the lock-screen info). So I just gave up and threw it in photoshop.

If you own this and want it removed, tell me. Otherwise I'm leaving this here for people who want it.


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ScarletsFeed Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav darling! ^w^
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Thanks for the watch friend! sin adrien
I'll do my best to not disappoint you.
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thank you so much for the watch <3 means a lot to me x3 (and my dollies!)
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Thanks so much for watching me :D
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Of course! I absolutely love how beautifully dark and detailed your art is!
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Hey, it's your math buddy. Wow! You've done a lot! I could learn a thing or two from you :)
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Hi! (Belated) thank you for the watch! However, I have moved to a new account, :iconfictograph:, so please keep an eye out there for all future updates!
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Thank you so much for the watch! :love:
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